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A quick introduction to ggplot2
My friend Jonah asked me to guest lecture in his R seminar aimed at grad students and postdocs in Integrative Biology. I gave Jonah a bunch of topic options ranging from reproducible research with R to data manipulation. The consensus was data visualization so I put together a 2 hour talk/hands on presentation for ggplot2 […] Read more – ‘A quick introduction to ggplot2’.
Version control for science
I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of version control in science of late. This is not just because of my involvement with multiple collaborative efforts that would be a nightmare to move forward without a structured workflow. I fortuitously got involved in a collaboration between GitHub, BiomedCentral, and a handful of bioinformatics scientists […] Read more – ‘Version control for science’.
Altmetrics as a discovery tool
Altmetrics is all the rage these days in the scientometrics world. One rationale for developing these metrics has been to quantify the entire range of academic output beyond publications to include everything from datasets and code to presentations. The idea is that these metrics would one day be used in tenure committees (and tenure track […] Read more – ‘Altmetrics as a discovery tool’.
Make your research a little more open this year
After a winter break of working at half-speed, I’m finding it a little daunting to face the overwhelming number of projects that need my attention in the new year. As I sort through and prioritize the ones where the biggest fires are raging, I also like to use this time to reevaluate how I go […] Read more – ‘Make your research a little more open this year’.

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